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Writing Program
Structured Writing Program
for Dyslexic students

    The one Floppy disk Writing program addresses the needs of students with written communications difficulties. The program organizes and helps the student to write reports or to express him/herself clearly in a variety of written formats.

    The program contains Templates. The student simply fills in the missing words to complete Framed Reports. Teachers may duplicate forms and students can fill in deletions as a homework assignments or as a pre-writing step in the writing process.

    The reports can be "down loaded" and using your own word processing program students can fill in the blanks and check the spelling (spellchecker).

    The final report is then "printed". The entire writing process reinforces the proper format. The following forms of generic reports and written expressions are included on the Floppy disk form of the Writing Program :

Pre-writing skills forms - The student learns to write his/her personal information: name, telephone #, address, dates and class headings.  There are forms to reinforce the alphabet, sounds, penmanship, and comprehension skills (e.g. by drawing the main idea of a story). Forms may be used daily for "over-learning" and gives the repetition necessary for students with learning problems to master skills.  

Generic Comprehension Question Forms -The student answers generic literal, inferential and critical comprehension questions. The story may change, but the questions are the same in format and the same as those used on reading tests.

 Generic Report Forms -The student is able to write Book, science, lab, Social Studies and research reports.

Generic Letter and Daily Journal Forms - The student can master the letter format.

Generic Homework- These forms fulfill the Orton Gillingham method"s mandate to reinforce dictated spelling words Kinesthetically & Tactilely. Used in conjunction with the "Climbing With Phonics" program these daily sheets reinforce sound/letter lessons.

Generic Poem Form- Using an ordinary dictionary or thesaurus the student can use this form to create poetry using a "Diamonte"  type format.

Generic SQ3R Study Forms & Outlining Forms- These help to install & maintain proper studying skills. The forms side tract innate organizing deficits .


Forms  wpe2.jpg (8925 bytes)  Print version

Prices -  $79.00 for floppy disk version of Writing Program

          $49.00 for reproducible black-lined print Version of Writing Program 


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