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$49 for Instructional Manual/Workbook
-book contains the written text in the "Climbing With Phonics" 2 CD program. The pages are black-lined, reproducible lessons for reinforcement of the Orton Gillingham approach. The Phonetic Word lists & Stories are from latest computerized word frequency lists compiled from texts, national tests & newspapers.         

    For more detailed information about Manual  ( click here )

$69 for Computerised Writing Program 
- Floppy disk contains templates written in CLOZE. Fill in deletions and you can print out structured letters, reports, other written communications, study guides & more. This "framed" format enables Dyslexics, and  other students with difficulties with written communications, to write material that is structured correctly and contains all the elements necessary for a particular form of communication. If used in conjunction with "Climbing With Phonics" reading, writing & spelling CD program the student is able to reinforce and utilize newly mastered language skills. It answers the questions "Why am I learning Phonics?" "Why do I have to know how to encode & decode?" The answer -- "So you can communicate in writing as well as you do orally, and, of course, to be able to read".          

    For more detailed information about the Writing Program ( click here )

$49 for Print Version of Writing Program-  Black-lined, reproducible pages in book form provides forms for students to hand write in deletions. For more details ( click here )

$ 975 for Computer Hardware plus our software program, Instructional Manual/Workbook and Writing Program

    For more detailed information about Hardware and 'Climbing With Phonics" ( click here ) 

If you would like to speak directly to the author of "Climbing With Phonics" about the programs or the subject of "Dyslexia" you con contact Dorothy Bokor at (800- 9-phonic)

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