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Contains all written text in the "Climbing With Phonics" computer Program
Contains descriptions of the Orton Gillingham approach, techniques & routines appropriate for group, individualized or computerized instruction
Contains Master Generic Activity Sheets which may be used to
reinforce skills, sounds & words either as follow-up or homework assignment
High frequency words are listed by targeted Sound/letter(s) on reproducible black-lined master sheets
Each page contains materials which can be used in an Orton Gillingham lesson & contains the following elements:

-Picture of keyword utilized to remember a targeted Sound/letter(s)
-List of words for dictation, spelling & reading
-Targeted sound’s letter(s) written in cursive & manuscript
-Phonetic Story packed with words containing the lesson’s targeted Sound/letter(s)
-Rules for spelling and Pronunciation
-Reproducible Black-lined Large Print
-High Usage Vocabulary- selected from a computerized frequency word list gleaned     from recent National Reading tests, school textbooks, & newspapers


Who Can Use the Climbing With Phonics Manual/Workbook? And How?

Classroom Teachers and Educational Consultants

To coordinate & reinforce classroom Language Arts programs with the "Orton Gillingham" approach of teaching reading, spelling, writing & Vocabulary. Either in conjunction with, or independent of "Climbing With Phonics" 2 CD computer software.
Removable and black-lined pages are reproducible for entire classroom
To assign weekly spelling words
Words can be assigned for Generic Homework sheets and reinforcement activities
To coordinate school with home reinforcement activities.

Parents & Tutors

Sheets or templates may be duplicated for daily use.
Manual can be utilized as a check of "Mastery".
Tutors can assign reinforcement work between appointments.
To reinforce computerized version of "Climbing With Phonics"


Can coordinate programs insuring instructors have basic content material to utilize the Orton Gillingham Approach uniformly.
Word lists & stories can be used in conjunction with the "Climbing With Phonics" 2 CD computer program.

For More Information and Training Material
Contact Dorothy Bokor-Author

Price information for Manual/Workbook—ONLY
$ 49-Price for 1 Manual/Workbook

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