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Low Cost Computer Hardware Available
Climbing With Phonics programs plus
programs plus

Computer Hardware
at one low price of $975

Price includes:   

$ 189.00     "Climbing With Phonics" program pre-installed and 2 CD disks

$  49.00     "Climbing With Phonics" Instructional Manual/Workbook

$  69.00   "Writing Program" Program pre-installed and 1 floppy Disk 

$ 668.00    New Computer Hardware includes all of the following:

AMD 3D 300 MHz MMX
100 MHz Mainboard
32MB 10nsec SDRAM
4.3 Gig UDMA Hard Drive
4MB AGP Video
32x Enhanced IDE CD-ROM
56K V.90 Modem w/Voice
3D Sound card & Amplified Speakers
Mini Tower Case
1.44 Floppy Drive
Win95 Keyboard & mouse
Windows95 or 98
15" Monitor .28 SVGA

Total   $775.00 

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