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Information About "Climbing With Phonics" CD Computer program

    This truly Orton Gillingham based program can be used at home in a classroom, tutorial or remedial setting. The software is for those with Dyslexia or any reader in need of Decoding or Encoding skills. The 2 disc reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary CD-ROM software answers a need for reading improvement and individualized programmed learning where mastery of skills is possible and success guaranteed! It's Multimedia CD-ROM presents experiences dramatically utilizing 4 1/2 hours of video vignettes of 71 written sounds of English.
    "Climbing With Phonics" may also be utilized when teaching reading, handwriting, spelling, and vocabulary to those where English is a second language (ESL). Over 2,000 words most utilized in printed material are voiced and categorized according to sound/letter(s). These words are dictated and utilized in phonetic stories written in Cloze to introduce common sight vocabulary.
    The format of "Climbing With Phonics" closely adheres to the Orton Gillingham method outlined in Nina Traub's book "Recipe for Reading". In addition, rules of spelling and pronunciation are provided for each sound/letter(s) as well as video penmanship lessons.
Where and Who can use The "Climbing With Phonics" program
Children to adults who are learning to read at home
Schools, Classrooms,  Remedial Programs, Resource Rooms, ESL programs
Learning Disabled  Students, Dyslexics, Slow Learners, Sensory Impaired Students
Home instruction, Libraries, Learning Centers, Literacy Centers, Literacy Tutors
Private Schools, Nursery Schools, Gifted Programs, Correctional Institutions,
Career Training Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Vocational Training Centers

Minimum Hardware Requirements

PC compatible 486/33 MHz;requires 4 MB of memory (RAM)
VGA graphics, VESA compatible
Sound Blaster, ProAudio, Spectrum or Windows Sound System required for audio
CD ROM Drive with a sustained data transfer rate of 150KB per second
Windows 95 & 98 or DOS
            Virtually any IBM (compatible) PC with CD- ROM sound
            Low End or High End  Computers 

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